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Mike Rossander

Mike Rossander

I’m Mike Rossander. I started writing information security “tips” in 2004 while I was the Corporate Information Security Manager for the Westfield Group, a regional insurance carrier based in Medina County, Ohio. The tips were intended to raise employee awareness and teach others how to recognize these scams. Over time, the tips were opened up to family members who wanted to subscribe, then to Westfield’s independent agents and other business partners and now are published for anyone wanting to learn more about protecting your people and your information.

Prior to joining Westfield, I was a Senior Manager for Ernst & Young‘s business process consulting practice. Before that, I served for 15 years in the US Army, mostly in the artillery. My undergraduate degree was in physics and education (I was briefly a high school science teacher) and I hold an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. I keep honeybees in my backyard and recently started teaching myself forging (the blacksmithing kind).

You can contact me fastest by leaving a comment here. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

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