Here is the article I wish I’d written about Facebook. It’s a bit long but it’s very good and has some funny bits.
10 Security Reasons to Quit Facebook (And One Reason to Stay On) by Joan Goodchild of CSOonline.

The short version boils down to:

  • Facebook makes it way too easy for young adults to post things that become forever part of their online history – they sabotage their own privacy without realizing it.
  • Facebook does not have your interests at heart. They’re a business and they don’t really buy into the whole privacy concept. That’s why, for example, they don’t really care or even notice when their frequent redesigns disrupt your privacy settings.
  • Spam, ads and other targetted malicious stuff.
  • And finally, the quote from George Straight’s “All my ex’s live in Texas” and the implications in an internet world was just beautiful.

On the flip side, here’s another article with a possible solution. Even though Facebook doesn’t get it, some developers do and they are posting free Facebook apps to manage the privacy settings for you. It won’t solve all the problems of Facebook but it can mitigate some. If you are a Facebook user, stongly consider using one of these new privacy management apps.

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