Holiday travel time is a bonanza for thieves. Empty homes, disrupted schedules, lots of strange cars in the neighborhood as vistors come and go. It’s a busy time for an enterprising burgular. Here are some tips to keep your home safer while you are away.

  • This sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many people forget it. Lock all your doors and windows before you go. Don’t forget the ones in your garage and basement.
  • Have a neighbor collect your newspaper and mail daily. Failing that, have the deliveries stopped. Piles of newspapers are a dead-giveaway that you’re not home.
  • Do not stop your snowplow service. A lack of footprints in snow that’s several days old is another giveaway. If you don’t have a service, ask a neighbor to shovel your walk for you.
  • Ask a neighbor to check on your home a couple of times while you’re away. Make it obvious that the house is watched.
  • Put some timers on a few interior and exterior lights and a radio to make the house appear occupied.
  • And most importantly, do not post your travel plans on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great holiday.

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