Thursday, 30 November is the International Computer Security Day.

This year’s theme is "Working Together" and emphasizes that we each have important roles in protecting our customer, employee and other stakeholders’ private information.

Some of your specific responsibilities include:

  • Selecting strong passwords and changing them regularly.
  • Controlling who has access to your buildings and politely challenging strangers.
  • Staying alert for fraudulent phone calls and other forms of social engineering.
  • Using your computer resources appropriately.
    • Never disable the antivirus, firewall and other protections installed by IT.
    • Be especially professional in your use of email and IM. Remember – never write anything that you’d be embarrassed to see on the front of tomorrow’s newspaper.
  • Making sure that all paper documents end their lives in a shred bin and that electronic documents are purged in accordance with your Retention/Destruction Guide.
  • Helping your co-workers to remember and live up to their obligations to your customers’ privacy.

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